Specific preconceptional
micronutrients for thyroid autoimmunity

Women with thyroid autoimmunity (for example Hashimoto thyroiditis) should be aware of their special requirements. Thyroid autoimmunity results in chronic inflammation associated with elevated oxidative stress and hormonal dysbalances.

As a consequence, women affected often suffer from disorders of oocyte maturation associated with irregular menstrual bleeding. Patients with thyroid autoimmunity planning for pregnancy should choose a specific micronutrient preparation tailored to meet their specific nutritional requirements.

Fertilovit® F THY

Study-tested, iodine-free micronutrient combination for thyroid autoimmunity (e.g. Hashimoto, Graves' disease)

Fertilovit® F THY is a food for special medical purposes tailored to meet the specific needs of women with thyroid autoimmunity (for example Hashimoto thyroiditis or Graves’ disease) planning for pregnancy.

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The disorder leads to a specifically increased demand for certain vitamins and minerals, whereas iodine has to be strictly avoided. Selenium in combination with vitamin B12, highly dosed folic acid and other nutrients cover this demand, thus supporting women with thyroid autoimmunity planning for pregnancy.

Free from iodine

Precious antioxidants, partly with sustained release

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Highly dosed folic acid and highly dosed selenium

Recommended by leading fertility experts

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Fertilovit® F THY

Dietary management of thyroid autoimmunity in women planning for pregnancy