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Gonadosan – this is the name of a young Swiss-Austrian company dedicated to the new life. It is not common knowledge yet, but health care starts well before conception!

In our interdisciplinary team and international cooperations, we work at developing innovative orthomolecular concepts. Highly specific complex micronutrient preparations offer research-based dietetic support for men and women. From preconception to pregnancy, from endometriosis to limited semen quality and IVF – we have the optimized dietetic solution!

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expertise and dedication

Our team

Mrs. Karin Schmoll
Mrs. Karin Schmoll International Key Account Manager
Bachelor of Art in
Business Administration

“My work fulfills me and allows me to develop in many areas."

Mrs. Jasmina Perviz
Mrs. Jasmina Perviz Sales Manager
"My favorite part of the working day is when I hear that our products help customers, for example with endometriosis or PCOS."

Dr. Daniel Matthes
Dr. Daniel Matthes Regulatory Affairs And Quality Management
Diploma in

“As a scientist, it is particularly exciting for me to incorporate new findings into our products."

Dr. Birgit Wogatzky
Dr. Birgit Wogatzky Product Manager And Medical Advisor
Diploma in Biology
and Nutrition

"The highlights of my work are the feedback from customers from all over the world about a healthy baby."

Mr. Norbert Feurstein
Mr. Norbert Feurstein Chief Executive Officer
"My vision for Gonadosan is to support couples who want to have children with our micronutrients from Fertilovit®, so that their dream can become a reality as quickly as possible."

Mr. Anup Lamba
Mr. Anup Lamba Senior Sales & Business Development Manager
"The FERTILOVIT brand of evidence-based fertility supplements has come a long way and is currently available in several countries worldwide. Being a Sales & Marketing professional is really exciting and it gives me great satisfaction to introduce the product range in new distributor markets and build the brand together with our distributors."

Sara Pelegrin
Sara Pelegrin Apprentice
"For me, there is nothing more beautiful than doing work that also supports people."

Ioana Vascul
Ioana Vascul Apprentice
"What inspires me about my work is the hope and the fighting spirit of our clients."

For a new life

Controlled quality

All our products are manufactured according to orthomolecular principles. In order to ensure the quality and benefits of end products, only ingredients with superior purity, efficiency, and bioavailability are chosen.

Manufacturing of products complies with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and each batch is additionally tested by independent, certified laboratories to ensure purity.

Most formulas are patent protected and we keep investing in research and development.

GONADOSAN is a Swiss/Austrian healthcare company specialised in womens healthcare and is known by its premium nutraceuticals brands FERTILOVIT® and RESILOVIT®.

Our dedicated business partners, our high-quality products, and our customer-oriented service are some of the key factors behind the success of our brands. We have exclusive distribution partners in several countries and we are continuously searching for new distribution partners to further expand our international presence.

Interested in representing our brands in your territory?

Please contact:

Anup Lamba, MBA

Senior Sales & Business Development Manager

Email: anup.lamba@gonadosan.ch
Mobile: +43 664 822 9593