Published Studies

showing the benefits of taking Fertilovit

<strong>Original title:</strong> "Antioxidant Supplementation of Subfertile Men Improves Top-Blastocyst Rate in Couples Undergoing IVF/IMSI.”

<strong>Original title:</strong> "Dietary Supplementation Improves Blastocyst Number – And Ongoing Pregnancy Rate Of Ivf Patients With Hashimoto Thyroiditis.”

Impact of supplementation on treatment success in Hashimoto patients undergoing IVF

<strong>Original title:</strong> “Antioxidative Supplementation Improves Semen Quality Of Ivf Patients According To Motility, Sperm Count And The Rate Of Nuclear Vacuolisation.”

Impact of antioxidative supplementation on semen quality of patients with strongly impaired semen quality