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In addition to many environmental factors, especially the parents’ lifestyle and diet during preconception and pregnancy can have an important impact on their child’s health. These findings stem from the science of epigenetics. This relatively new branch of research explains how environmental factors can change the activities of genes and how these changes are passed on to the offspring.

Fertilovit® F

Preconceptional supplement with 800 µg folic acid, B-vitamins, iron and iodine

Fertilovit® F is a dietary supplement that, due to its special composition, can optimally prepare your body for an upcoming pregnancy in order to give your baby a good start in life. It contains highly dosed folic acid in combination with a comprehensive supply of all important vitamins and minerals. Folic acid exerts its protective effect particularly during early pregnancy, when a low folate level is a risk factor for the development of neural tube defects in the growing fetus.

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Other vital substances such as iron, iodine and antioxidants play an important role in supporting the body during preconception. While iron is essential for the transport of oxygen in the blood and iodine contributes to healthy thyroid function, antioxidants like vitamin E and C protect DNA, proteins and lipids of cells from oxidative stress. For optimal nutritional function, Fertilovit® F contains vitamin C with sustained release.

Comprehensive preconceptional supply

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Fertilovit® F

Fertilovit® F

Preconceptional micronutrient preparation for women