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Frequently asked questions

Please find a list of frequently asked questions below. If this doesn’t answer your issue, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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How does Fertilovit® support your fertility?

Fertilovit® contains a specific combination of vitamins and other micronutrients which contribute to the protection of sensitive spermatozoa and oocytes from detrimental oxidative stress.

In addition to this, every product features a comprehensive micronutrient supply, supporting healthy sperm and oocyte development.

Different preparations account for specific needs.

Fertilovit® MT and Fertilovit® Mplus support the development of spermatozoa and protect them from oxidative stress.

Fertilovit® F and Fertilovit® F 35plus have been tailored to meet the needs of women during preconception and pregnancy.

Fertilovit® F 35plus is recommended for women from 35. Fertilovit® FTHY caters to the specific requirements of women with thyroid autoimmunity (e.g. Hashimoto) planning for pregnancy and Fertilovit® F Endo is designed for women with endometriosis.


For women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, Fertilovit® F PCOS supplies supportive micronutrients.

I already take a different brand of supplements - should I switch to Fertilovit®?

Micronutrient preparations vary widely. Dosage and combination matter and wrong dosages (too high and too low) or wrong combinations may be ineffective or even have a negative impact.


Fertilovit® micronutrient preparations have specifically been developed for men and women planning for pregnancy.


They are the only product line on the market for this indication featuring vitamin C with sustained release. This allows for optimum protection from oxidative stress 24/7.

Who can take Fertilovit®?

Fertilovit® MT and Fertilovit® Mplus are suitable for men who are looking for natural support of semen quality and fertility.

Preconceptional supplements should be taken from the time you decide for a child, making sure, that the body is well supplied with folate, iodine, iron, B-vitamins, and precious antioxidants. This helps to prepare the body for healthy conception and pregnancy.

Fertilovit® FTHY caters to the specific requirements of women with thyroid autoimmunity (e.g. Hashimoto) planning for pregnancy and Fertilovit® F Endo is designed for women with endometriosis.

How long should I take Fertilovit®?

Complete development of sperms takes 74-78 days and women ought to make sure there are no dietary deficiencies well prior to conception. Therefore, we recommend that you take Fertilovit® at least three months before conception.

Where can I purchase Fertilovit® supplements?

You can order Fertilovit® in our online shop.

Fertilovit® supplements are also available in selected pharmacies.

Are there any side effects?

Usually, the products are tolerated very well.

However, if you have an allergy or are particularly sensitive to any of the ingredients it is advised not to take the products.

We recommend seeing your doctor prior to use if you suffer from any medical disorder.

Is there anything special I have to be aware of when taking Fertilovit®?

Fertilovit® Mplus, Fertilovit® FTHY, Fertilovit® F Endo and Fertilovit® F PCOS are dietetic foods for special medical purposes. Please use them under medical supervision. All other Fertilovit® products are food supplements.

They cannot and should not replace a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

Please store Fertilovit® well out of reach of children.

Comply with the recommended dose, please.

Detrimental effects have been shown for some of the ingredients when taken in very high doses.

Can I take Fertilovit® F 35plus if I am younger than 35?

Naturally, you can take Fertilovit® F 35plus if you are younger than 35. However, it is not really necessary for you to supplement coenzyme Q10, yet.

Women under 35 usually have no deficiency of this micronutrient.

If you take Fertilovit® F 35plus nevertheless, the coenzyme Q10 may therefore have no additional benefit for you.

Can I take Fertilovit® F 35plus when I am pregnant?

Fertilovit® F 35plus has been designed to prepare the female body for healthy conception but supports the early steps of embryonic development too.

After the first trimester we recommend normal prenatal vitamins such as Fertilovit For 2, as your baby now grows rapidly, changing your demands.

Can I take Fertilovit® F THY when I am pregnant?

Fertilovit® F THY has been designed to meet the specific dietary requirements of women with thyroid autoimmunity and is suitable after your pregnancy as well.

The iodine-free composition supplies important micronutrients and additional selenium contribute to normal thyroid function. During pregnancy, however, the developing baby increases iodine demand.

Therefore we recommend switching to normal pregnancy vitamins with iodine (e.g. Fertilovit® For2.

For women with strongly increased antibody titers only there have been reports of very good outcomes when continuing with Fertilovit® F THY throughout pregnancy.

I have read that omega-3 fatty acids are important too. Should I supplement these as well?

As a rule of thumb you are well supplied with these precious poly-unsaturated fatty acids when you have at least two servings of fat sea fish like salmon or mackerel per week.

Good plant sources include walnut or linseed oil.

I don't like the powder of the Fertilovit® F PCOS Inositol sachets - can I dissolve the powder in something else than water?

Yes, of course.

Add the powder to your favorite yoghurt or juice – also don’t miss to try it with a yummy tea and enjoy the impact it will have on your wellbeing!

I have been diagnosed with PCOS, but I also have Hashimoto - which of the products is the right one for me?

Every person is different and sometimes, we simply require something special. Please contact us via email for a special composition tailored to meet your needs.

Yes, nutritional medicine has identified the micronutrient inositol as a powerful and gentle alternative.

However, therapy should always be tailored to your individual needs.

Therefore we recommend to see your doctor about it.

I have been diagnosed with PCOS. At the same time, I also suffer from thyroid autoimmunity. Which of your products is the best one for me?

Please get in touch via e-mail.

We will be happy to arrange for an individual product combination that is tailored to meet your specific nutritional requirements.