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Study-tested dietary support for men and women planning for pregnancy. Special products for coverage the disease-related increased nutritional requirements of women with thyroid autoimmunity, endometriosis, or PCOS, or men with limited semen quality. Suitable option prior to and during insemination, IVF, or ICSI.

Health care

Health care commences well before conception.

Fertility support

A specific combination of vitamins and vital substances.

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Pre-conceptional micronutrients

Many experts recommend making healthy lifestyle choices and focusing on an adequate intake of folate and other important vitamins and minerals.

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For a new life

Study-tested efficacy

Fertilovit® products have been developed in collaboration with leading fertility experts and are based on the latest scientific findings.


Fertilovit® during preconception

  • Folic acid and more
  • Ideal for
  • Daily dose
  • Vegan
Fertilovit® during preconception Folic acid and more Ideal forDaily doseVegan
Fertilovit® during preconception
Fertilovit F
Fertilovit® F
Fertilovit F35 Plus
Fertilovit® F35 Plus
Fertilovit THY
Fertilovit® THY
Fertilovit ENDO
Fertilovit® ENDO
Fertilovit PCOS
Fertilovit® PCOS
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Success stories

Fertilovit® has helped many people all over the world to achieve their biggest dream:
becoming parents.

from Great Britain
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"I am really really happy to let you know that I am pregnant. I just had the test done now and it was positive, I just can't believe myself. You have been very very understanding, supportive and helpful to us since we got in contact, and we honestly want to say a massive thank you to you."
from Nigeria
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"Good news! My wife was successfully delivered of a baby girl. Mother and child are doing very okay. Thanks for the support we got from you ."
from Germany
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"I have had good experience with Fertilovit® F Endo. Patients with endometriosis feel significantly better during their period (no pain and no or reduced premenstrual syndrome)."
from Italy
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"It helped me get pregnant after almost three years."
from Germany
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"It helps 😊.“
from Germany
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“By taking Fertilovit PCO, my cycle leveled off after a month. Before that, I often had no menstrual period because I suffered from severe PCO. The PCOS is gone. After 5 months of taking it, I became pregnant."
from the UK
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"Best product for women with PCOS. I have been using this product for a little over a month now and today I finally got my period! I am so grateful to have found this product as it has dramatically improved my PCOS condition. Using this product, it is the first time I have menstruated after a year and a half of amenorrhea!!!! I am beyond happy with Fertilovit and would recommend it to everyone suffering from amenorrhea due to PCOS!“
from Germany
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“We are in fertility treatment and these capsules were recommended to us by our new fertility clinic. We do not yet know whether the transfer was successful, but: of 15 oocytes, 12 were mature, and eight of them could be fertilized. ALL eight developed into blastocysts. This is an absolutely great result for us."
from Germany
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"After years I finally got pregnant with it."
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Controlled quality

All Fertilovit® products are manufactured in Germany according to orthomolecular principles.

In order to ensure the quality and benefits of the end products, only top quality ingredients are used Purity, potency, and bioavailability are selected.

The products are manufactured according to strict ISO 22000 and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Each batch is tested for purity by independent, certified labs.